Useful and interesting links

Here is an interesting article and a video about Magnus effect using in ships. This technology had been used in the past and is becoming topical again.



This article show concepts of future cruise ships. Some of them are surrealistic but I think they can become trendy in the near future.


An article about last innovations and trends that are used in cruise ships building.

CDIO Introduction

Hi, my name is Alexander and I am from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Currently I am studying IT in Turku University of Applied Sciences. My major is C# and Cisco Networking, also I have some knowledge of Linux server, HTML and Photoshop. Among my hobbies are cycling, snowboarding and cooking. I am also fond of music and IT related stuff.
Last project I participated was Capstone, where I was a designer in «Global Education» group. I hope this contest will help me to get more experience in my studying field and that my vision and skills will be valuable for the group and the project itself.